Eritrean Coach Nahom From AIK The Reason Behind The Success Of Alexander Isak

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Eritrean Sport News: Nahom Ghidey currently serves as UEFA A, UEFA Elite Youth A as well as a Video and Performance Analyst for Sweden’s premier league team AIK Stockholm. So who really is Nahom? Nahom was born in Eritrea and moved to Hanover Germany as a six year old. In an interview he conducted with Eri-International sports, Nahom shares some intimate times in his career as a coach. He moved to Solna, Sweden a suburb of Stockholm after living in Germany for many years. After a stint in the German Bundesliga for club Hannover 96 – Nahom made his way to AIK where he has advanced as an important part of the coaching staff, starting from the youth team to the senior team.

He was recently featured on a Swedish national magazine as one of the people who has played a huge role in the development of young international rising star Alexander Isak as well as other players whom he has helped making headlines all over the world.

Nahom has also mentored other Eritrean players in including the likes of Tesfalidet Tekie and players of many different nationalities throughout Sweden. He has the potential to be a great coach maybe someday leading top-flight teams as a Director and in the process helping the Eritrean national program to grow into its rightful place as a top soccer-playing nation. Eri-international sports blog brings you Nahom Ghidey of AIK.

Questions for Coach Nahom Ghidey of AIK Stockholm,

1. First of all when did you start playing soccer/football, could you take us back to when you started and where you started to play the sport?

I started to play football like most people at a young age in my neighborhood in Asmara Eritrea. I grew up in a football playing family, football and music was part of family. I had the chance to learn and play football with and from my big brothers who were very talented football players. Joel Ghidey who was playing in the German 2nd tier league (may be you know him from Eri-TV music contest program “Shingrwa”) and Natnael Ghidey.

At the end of 1970s we came as refugees to Hannover (Germany) and of course I continued to do what I loved to do and that was playing football. During that time we did not have dreams to empower ourselves and to be a professional football player, rather our dream and focus was to see a free and independent Eritrea. Football was more a hobby and we played it for fun. Every minute, hour and day we spent our time playing football. We grew up in a war (Sewra) time and we were the first Red flowers (Keyahti Imbaba) outside of Eritrea in Germany and our focus shifted to playing music as well. We were very dedicated to music and we played every weekend in almost every city in the world for about 15 years sharing the music for Eritrea and EPLF. So football took a back seat and became even more of a hobby!!

2. How long were you a player before you got into coaching and if you could be kind enough to share what teams you have played for in the past?

I played actively for over 25 years at different levels and with teams in Germany. In addition every summer I also had the chance to play in a big Eritreans tournament like Bologna and other gatherings.

3. Living in Europe were you able to improve on your knowledge of the game at a high level and how so?

Of course, football in Europe is extremely at a higher level than most places, I saw daily that the development of the game goes fast. Technology, physiology and fitness are a part and parcel of modern football. One does not have to just be a good football player, in order to be a good coach. One has to master many aspects of the game. When I decided to work with football, I understood that the only way to be good or survive in football business was to get an education. I was obsessed to learn everything about football. I went from one course to another, reading books, analyzing football games and traveling to a lot of countries to learn from other teams.

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