Every New Country Celebrates the Heroes of Its Revolution: But Why Do We Never Hear a Word about Bitweded?

News 10-10-2017 Asmarino 49

So why have most of us never heard of this hero? Because, above all, Bitweded is courageous. He is the type of person who speaks his mind and does not easily bow his head before authority, especially if he thinks it is a matter of justice or true loyalty to his country. It was this admirably strong character trait that put him in conflict with Issayas Afwerki, Eritrea’s unelected president. When Bitweded spoke out about the leader’s dictatorial tendencies, his fate was sealed and he was falsely accused and detained. Apart for a few weeks temporarily at liberty, Bitweded has been in prison since 6 October 1991, and, since 1994, *has been held in solitary confinement.

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